Discovering how to design a beautiful user experience comes with research upon research. One can create a wonderful experience along with a service but if their is a simpler way to receive that same service most likely the original experience will be overlooked. Online shopping has escalated substantially because people would rather skip the experience of going to a store because it is inconvenient. Both digital and physical experiences need to be extraordinary for people to go out of their way to take part in them.

However, all products of design should come with a good experience because it ensures trust and positive emotions with the consumer. I liked what the article, Making Sense of Experience, said about designing an experience. A designer must walk a mile in the shoes of the consumer in order to understand and empathize. Design without empathy is worthless. The 4 threads of design are extremely important. However, what is more important is that the designer understands the ‘why’ behind what makes a product good.

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