Bringing Together CS + ID

I think that the first reading The Engineering of Experience, by Phoebe Sengers, does a great job at explaining to us why we are taking this class. I think that it is the perfect reading to start the semester off with, because any of us (including myself) who were wondering why ID needs CS and v.v. are much more clear about why one cannot fully function without the other. It mentions a program called “Traces” which is a virtual reality application that literally traces your movement and allows you to be in different places and see where you came from. This program is what Sengers said had made the biggest impact on her realizing the need for engineering based on the user who cannot be explained through algorithms or any type of program. The user can only be explained through observation and interpretation as we learn watching people use the Traces program.

The second reading Making Sense of Experience by Wright, Mccarthy, and Meekison is much more design focused. It tries to explain what an experience is through a formula which makes some sense but in the end is futile. Experience is not something that is black and white and can be formulated but is an idea, something that is not tangible. However, what the reading says about not being able to design an experience but rather design a product that allows the experience to take place. It is also correct in saying that the experience is equally about what the artifact provided is as well as what the user bring to the table preconceived.

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