Readings for 1/26/18

The Engineering of Experience – Sengers

The need for efficiency in the world of technology has been the driving force of innovation according to this article. What was interesting about this piece was the recognition of the fact that efficiency is not the end-all-be-all of good design. Humans are complex creatures and what might be efficient to one person mind may not be the same in someone else’s. The article acknowledges the fact that in creating an experience for humans we need to consider efficiency for sure, but also other things humans might want. Ultimately we want an experience, something to remember, and something that eases our way of life or adds something to it. Just like in the article how they mentioned enforcing different ways for a household to be more “efficient” and it totally failed – some people weren’t into such structured home lives. There are memories to be made when watching kids or doing household chores, you just never know. Making it a step by step plan on how to live your life take a lot of the adventure out of it. I definitely think its important to aid people with technology and not overpower them. As CS and ID Ibelieve we have the power to create something that allows people to be efficient but also able to live freely.


Making Sense of Experience – Blythe

The article threw a ton of information at you about experience design. To be very honest, I never realized just how in depth the research goes. Not only does there need to be an understanding of how someone experiences the design but there are levels to it – and then there is a whole other aspect of designing the experience for after using the product/app. It felt overwhelming in the sense that there really was so much research and testing that goes into each platform and gave a new appreciation for the world of tech around me. It take brain power and much collaboration to get a very clear image on how to make a platform work for so many different kinds of people, and not only that but to expect millions of people to all understand how to use and enjoy it. It never seemed like an easy task, but this article definitely put the depth of UX design into perspective.

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