The Engineering of Experience 

The engineering experience brought up many interesting points about the current age we live in. There is direct correlation between efficiency and pleasure in the work place which explains why current manufacturing methods relate to worker satisfaction. The overall argument that your soul is being taken out of the workplace is completely valid because you can’t even make your own decisions making it seem robotic. This robotic feeling has also translated into other industries to meet the means of productivity. It is now in our current day where we are beginning to be aware of this and we begin to question what truly matters in our job lives. People can complete tasks efficiently and with quality if they’re passionate about what they are doing. We can design a system that manipulates both pleasure and productivity.

Making Sense of Experience


This reading takes on the experience we have when interacting with a design into a very tactical and calculated interpretation. When reading it all I gathered is the analytical and scientific method of evaluating an experience but, for me this felt very far removed from what I perceive as an experience. I feel that the whole point of an experience is the emotional aspect of it that makes it memorable enough to revisit that experience. Especially when discussing something like design which has a lot of emotional implications I’d like to measure in impactful interactions, not based on a formula. I feel a lot of the time a formula can fail to capture the true meaning and purpose behind the design.

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