Wallet Prototypes

My partner, Lily Bloomberg, and I used the important points in our interviews to create a wallet that fit multiple needs. We came up with three ideas, shown below:

Sketch 1:

Magnetic snap close/open. The main focus for this prototype was no bulk. The wallet is separated into two even pockets inside the wallet. The user gets to choose what goes in each, depending on their needs. For example, they could store their keys or cash in one, cards in another. This wallet is enclosed at the top with a magnetic binding.

Sketch 2:

Zipper billfold. This slim wallet fits more than the first sketch with cards and IDs readily accessible with a designated spot for your identification. The zipper compartment also allows for freedom on use – made for whatever the user wants to put in.

Sketch 3:

This is a take on a traditional bi-fold wallet. The ID slots are on the outside for ease and accessibility and the whole thing zips closed for added security.



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