Readings #1

The Engineering Experience:

I think Sengers brings up a good point in talking about how we prioritize efficiency over the quality of experience. We create mindless work where we tell the worker what steps to take to increase efficiency and this ends up with having unhappy workers. We balance out the unhappiness and maximizing efficiency at work with engaging in fun and minimizing task achievement after work. Sengers makes the point that instead of having these two experiences split in two we could instead combine a steady stream of work with pleasure throughout the day.



Making Sense of Experience:

The main takeaway that I got from this reading is that we as designers can’t design an experience but design for an experience. I understood this to be that we cannot control every detail of the user experience by what we design. We have little control in creating the experience since there are unknown variables that depend on the context of the user. It is impossible to know and design for all these unknown variables.

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