Sketching and Prototyping

My partner and I had came up with three designs that tried to incorporate a wallet and a phone into one package, as our interviews found that the other users liked to carry both, and preferably in one package if possible.

Our first design uses a case with a keychain ring attached to it, and with that, the user can also attach a coin purse, since that was something that was mentioned – having an easy way to carry coins.

Our second design is a modular type design, where it can double as a battery bank for your phone and a wallet as well. One of the criteria that was brought up from our interviews was being able to charge the phone as well, and we have two modules – one as a slim wallet (and you could carry that separately as well) and another is a battery.

Our third design is a simplistic, and conservative design where it is essentially a wallet that can store your phone and cash as well.

Prototyping was a new experience for me and I definitely found it fun to do.


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