Wallet Exercise

Wallet SketchesWe came up with three different wallet ideas to satisfy the needs of our two interviewees. The difficulty behind this was that one wanted more cardholders and one wanted less. To combat this we made one wallet that was more “cash free” (card heavy) and one that was “card free” (cash heavy).

Wallet Concept1The card heavy wallet fans open like an accordion photograph holder that people used to own years ago. It has plenty of spots for cards on each of the folds, with a visible clear ID slot that shows when it is completely folded (something that people liked the most about their wallets). It has magnets inserted in the bottom corner of each fold to prevent the wallet from opening up unexpectedly. And we also learned from out interview that people appreciated the hidden pockets which is inserted on the backside of each cardholder flap.

Wallet Concept3The card free design allows for only two card slots on the top side of the wallet with the clear ID slot on the top as well so that it is always visible. The thickness of the prototype is not representative of the actual thickness because another huge factor people dislike is bulkiness. The side of the wallet has multiple pockets for cash, receipts, coupons, etc. This allows for a high degree versatility when using each pouch. We chose the square form because it is something that is different from most wallets and has a nice symmetrical aesthetic.

The last of the designs is an “on-the-go” more mobile wallet. It has a combination of card slots and a pouch. It attaches to the backside of a phone through velcro in which you are instructed to stick onto your phone or phone case. It has two card slots with the clear ID slot always visible on top and it has a pouch on the side to store money or receipts. Ideally, you would not keep all of your money and cards in this wallet but you would have the ability to keep important things with you at all times.

Jacob Heuman + Jake Tessier

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