Wallet Prototyping–Andrew and Hithesh


For this assignment, we met up in Burchard hall to build some quick prototypes to help generate/analyze ideas.

For this design, we wanted to have something to accommodate people who like to pay with cash and change, as opposed to using a credit or debit card. The front of wallet contains a transparent sleeve to hold an ID so that users do not need to open their wallet when they need to show their ID. The back of the wallet has four elastic pouches to hold quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies. The idea of having the pouches be elastic would allow for the wallet to still be slim despite having the coins on the outside of the wallet. The elastic pouches would be tight enough so that the coins would not fall out if the wallet was held upside down. However, it wouldn’t be so tight that the user would have trouble trying to get a coin out.


The idea of this wallet is for it to be integrated with a smartphone to make it more dynamic and convenient for the user. The user can use an app within the phone to choose between any type of credit, debit, or gift card that he or she wants to use. The physical card attachment to the back of the phone would represent the selected card from the app. The attachment would use NFC technology to wirelessly pay and RFID for Chip payments. A barcode will also be displayed on the card attachment for when RFID or NFC technology may not be available at a consumer location, so the user can use a barcode scanner. The card-like extension would slide out easily when the user slides a smooth mechanism on the back of the phone.


The design of this wallet allows it to be sleek and thin, since there are no folding parts. The front of the wallet contains a transparent screen so that the user’s ID can easily be shown to others when needed. There is also a zippered pouch on the front so that the user may store any change if they need to, but it is compact when not in use. The back has numerous compartments for any cards that the user needs to carry. Since the wallet is longer and thinner, cash bills don’t need to be folded, but can be placed in unaltered. By not folding the dollar bills, the thickness of a wallet is greatly reduced.

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