Wallet Ideation (Zach and Jun)

Most of the feedback Jun and I received in our interviews could be boiled down to a few main takeaways:

  1. Size. Wallets should be thin enough to carry in whichever pocket is most convenient to you. It should be slim and efficient.
  2. Cards. Our participants didn’t carry cash unless necessary. In turn, they wanted their wallets to fit around 5-12 cards. It was important to include a place to put cash, though, for the times it was needed.
  3. Accessibility. A common pet peeve we heard was inconveniently placed/sized sleeves in the wallet, sleeves with an unnatural orientation (vertical/horizontal storage), and anything unnecessary and irremovable in the wallet. At the same time, our interviewees said that it was important that the contents of the wallet were held tight and securely so they wouldn’t fall out.

These points helped us come up with a few designs, ranging from realistic to a little out-there.

Slim Bifold

This is a take on a fairly common bifold wallet with a vertical orientation. It has two card sleeves on one side and an ID (or frequently used card) sleeve on the other. The ID sleeve (which would ideally be a transparent thin plastic) has a cutout in the middle to allow you the ability to easily slide the card out. There are also pockets beneath the sleeves to allow for cash or additional card storage (not included in model).


The idea with this one was to give more freedom to the user by having a single interior pocket, partially divided in the middle. This would allow the user decide how to divide up the contents and has a higher carrying capacity than the bifold model. The main issue with this idea is that it’s not as secure as something with tight, organized sleeves. (The other sketch is for a phone case idea, the model is currently being finished)

Extending Card Holder

Last, and probably the wildest idea, is essentially 3 card sleeves/card holders attached to each other via hinged arms. The user can compact the sleeves into the size of one sleeve when stored and extend all the sleeves out when in use. This allows full visibility of all contents of the wallet, eliminating the struggle to file through a stack of cards before finding the right one. Also, because they’re tight sleeves, the contents are kept secure. Aside from the obvious challenge of making the hinged parts look decent, the downside to this model is the limited storage (though that could be fixed by adding an additional sleeve to the back of each one).

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