Wallet Prototypes – Andrew and Jordyn

For our prototypes we wanted to focus on wallets that would be easy to carry around. We made this decision based on our interviews.  We found that our interviewees were more likely or often use smaller wallets or phone wallets due to size or being able to easily hold them.

Prototype 1: Open Phone Case Wallet

For this model we wanted to focus on keeping a compact wallet in which the user could store roughly three to four cards as well as a key.  It is common for some college students to only need their apartment key on them and a few cards so in this situation a minimal phone case is optimal.  Similar to the stick-on card holders, this case keeps in the key and cards with tension from the case so the user doesn’t have to worry about their possessions falling out.

Prototype 1

Prototype 2: Closed Phone Case Wallet

This model represents the back of a full phone case with a wallet the can be shut.  There is an opening to allow for camera use while using the case (wallet opened or closed).  The wallet has space for up to two keys or a key and a fob.  There is one case slot that can hold up to four cards.  This model would allow for cards and keys to be securely held in place the via the closure aspect of the wallet.  This model’s closure aspect also allows the phone to keeps its flat back feature.

Prototype 2

Prototypes 3: Belt Clutch Case

Designed after the tight pragmatic design of a clutch, this wallet has a flap that keeps a slot for serval keys as well as a slot for cards.  There is enough space to hold one or two keys for the user as well as roughly four cards and enough room for an ID pouch on the top flap if desired.  Due to its small design it could be outfitted with belt loop on the back of the wallet so it could be held on by a belt.

Prototype 3

Prototype 4: Wrist Pouch Wallet

This model is an updated version of a simple wrist wallet.  There is more space in this wallet to carry more items on the wrist.  With three pockets, the wallet can hold up to six or seven cards.  Cash and up to three keys (or fobs) can also be held in this wallet.  The separate pockets allow for easy organization.  There is a transparent slot on the side of the wallet that will fit another card or ID.  The outer pocket has a middle cut out that will allow for easy removal of the card.  This wallet will be closed by a zipper and held on the wrist by a detachable wrist strap attach to an outer key ring.Prototype 4

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