Assignment 1 Readings


In response to Sengers assertion that Computer Science engineers are akin to Taylorism which reduces the “fun” of programming, I have to say that I personally enjoy programming but understand Sengers’ point of view. Also when Sengers provided the assertion that “Instead of representing complexity, trigger it in the mind of the user”, it really caused me to realize that an amazing , complex program with a non functioning user interaction, the program also becomes non functioning despite it’s high level code. I remember reading articles about mobile application designs where apps that would have a huge number of functionalities would cause frustration among it’s users since the users would have a difficult time finding the function they are looking for (due to the large list of functions and the limited space of displaying options).


During Wright’s definition of the “Four threads of experience”, it really connected with an article I read about the psychology behind programming certain types of mobile games where the goal is to get the user hooked and addicted to the gameplay. For example, the sensual thread references the design of the mobile game, where a pleasing color palate and animation may put the user at ease. The compositional thread could the be branching story line of the game that keeps the user wondering “what if I preform his action”. The emotional thread could be the joy and satisfaction the user receives when completing a difficult puzzle (where the puzzle may be impossible at first, but as time goes on, the solution unlocks. This causes the user to receives a certain amount of joy for the amount of time they invested in the puzzle).

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