Reading Responses

The Engineering of Experience:

I thought this article was interesting, pointing out how jobs and now our personal lives have become so structured and streamlined.  This focus on efficiency and “time is money” has squeezed out simple pleasures and much of the joy of some activities.  I think as far as jobs go, the careers that have so optimized (factory work/skilled labor) are eventually, unfortunately going to be taken over by AI and robotics.  This will leave jobs that need personal interaction.  I think this gives a big opportunity for designers to design the experiences around these positions, designing how these employees will navigate systems within the workplace and how they can more enjoy their work.


Making Sense of Experience:

This article discussed the relationship between an experience and the user’s “dialogue”.  I think this dialogue between the product/experience and a user’s thoughts is what design tries to address.  When designing an experience, we should determine what that internal dialogue will be (through user testing, research, etc. ) and then try to design the experience to match that.  This will allow the user to easily navigate an experience, making it feel natural.

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