Thoughts on “The Engineering of Experience”

I found it interesting how “The Engineering of Experience” reflects on the adoption of Taylorism in Western culture. As a Computer Scientist, I have always focused on the benefits of efficiency and optimization, but never did I take a moment to consider its negative influence and impact on human experience. Fundamentally, I think it all comes down to the fact that as a society, there is a complex cycle of supply and demand that needs to be fulfilled. Noting this, I believe Taylorism emerged with good intentions as an approach to solve a problem; however, at the time of its invention, as a society, we did not have enough insight to predict its future implications.

From a Systems and HCI point of view, I think The Engineering of Experience touches on something absolutely spectacular: “Instead of representing complexity, bootstrap off it. Humans will naturally respond to stimulus with a complex behavior (from the perspective of a computer); therefore, if a system can feed off the complexity of human behavior, then the internal model of the system itself doesn’t have to be that complicated to create an immersive experience.

-Milan Bhatia

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