Wallet Concepts

Jad Sidi, Nathan Eggleston:

Initial Ideation Sketches: Concepts explore different ways to organize a physical wallet, as well as ways to change how payment is made.

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Concept 1: Four sided, square chip card–allows one card to be 4 methods of payment


Concept 2: Sensor embedded within wallet allows card reader to detect different cards “loaded” into wallet.  Payment method is selected on card reader.


Concept 3:  Circular disc consolidates 6+ cards into a single object.  User spins through to select chip, which is then put into machine.




2 thoughts on “Wallet Concepts

  1. Your concept was highly original and generated great in class discussion. Your post above is a little short on details, and some of the images are difficult to see/read. Consider incorporating your response to the class feedback in your presentation also.


  2. Nathan, looking at your wallet again it has a bold point of view that synthesizes your user learnings from your partners and creates something original and memorable. Nice.


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