Wallet Designs

My CS partner dropped out so I had some issues with data collection but I had casual conversations about wallet designs with my friends and figured out that majority of my classmates don’t carry a traditional wallet. There is a major interest in wallet designs that are more mobile – in the sense that they are easily carried and also that they usually have mobile phones attached to them. Therefore, I looked at ways to minimize the amount of space taken and maximize the space and ease of use offered by such phone cases.



Out of the three designs, I prototyped the last one because I liked the idea of a hook to attach your wallet onto your pants. Of course, I had to consider ways to make sure that the phone or the wallet would just slide down or drop so I incorporated magnets onto my sketches to hold the wallet.

This design has a hook that attaches to your clothes with a magnet and allows you to easily chose between cards by offering multiple accordion-like slots for cash and cards. Ideally, the phone slot would have a protective screen for extra protection, allowing the wallet to also used as a phone case. The screen of the phone is not concealed so that you can still see your notifications or respond to incoming calls.

Overall, my focus was to have a design that protects your phone, has multiple slots for cards and cash, that is compact, mobile and secure. There can even be a pin attached to the back to completely ensure the position of the phone and protect it from pickpocketing. It also solves the issue of woman pants not having pockets because the design would ideally work for any clothing by placing the pin on different places such as the collar of a dress or a chest pocket on a shirt.

3 thoughts on “Wallet Designs

  1. Solid work with a diminished group and kudos on arriving at a final product that works quite well. It would be helpful if you articulated a persona for your design so that we can better understand the orientation of your idea. As Rachel notes, good idea to show the wallet on a person. Good work.


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