Wallet Prototype, Matt + Kirk

Design #1:

The first design focused on attaching the wallet to a phone case via a clip on the phone case. This allows the user to carry both as a single entity when travelling, but separate them when they are home, and may only want to keep their phone with them.

Design #2:

The second design is a more traditional bi-fold wallet, with a few features for convenience. The first is a conventional I.D. pocket on the outside for easy identification. We also put the pockets for payment cards sideways, so chips could be read without removing the card from the wallet. The final feature was an accordion membership card holder. Because most are read by a bar code, we thought they could be stored together and the accordion scanned all at once, with the store only recognizing its own card.

Design #3:

The final design was more minimal than the first two. It is simply an accordion style pocket on the back of a phone case to store cards in. There are many pocket cases available now, but they offer limited card storage and make it difficult to access cards stored in the back.

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