Wallet Prototype- LeighAnna and Joe

We had three ideas for the Wallet Prototypes.

Idea 1:

We had the idea of an arm sleeve.  This came from the idea that many girls either don’t have pockets to carry a wallet or the pockets are insufficient.  It allows the user to not have to worry about carrying a wallet or even losing one because it would be a sleeve on your arm.  The design could be as intricate as the user wants it to be.  In the design in the following figure, you can see that this design looks like the user is wearing multiple bracelets on his/her arm; however, flipping the individual’s arm would show a small pocket where cards can be placed.  This pocket would also have a small flap to close the opening so that cards would not fall out.  The material would be soft and stretchy so that it could be worn by any user.  We also felt like this would be the best to prototype, so we have figure below, as well.


Idea 2:

We had another idea of creating a very small, but durable design.  This wallet would be just large enough to fit cards and a bit of cash in it.  The wallet would unzip fully so that the user would not be blindly placing cards in the wallet or reaching for the wrong card.  It would also have a strap that would function similarly to a Wii-Remote strap.  It would allow the user to tighten or loosen the strap so that the user wouldn’t even have to worry about carrying it.  As you can see, there is also a small shield on the inside of the wallet.  This indicates a tracking device in case you do lose your wallet.



Idea 3:

The solution to the problem at hand that we had was the loss of the wallet. The first idea that was given was a string that is attached to the wrist and the the wallet so that with a push of the button the wallet can be summoned and never be lost. We thought that more could be done with the idea and have more futuristic options like having QR codes that can pay or a connection with apple pay so that the user can pay electronically through their wrists.


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