Wallet Prototypes – Xavier, Jordan & Pad

Although my partners are no longer enrolled in the course, they helped out with making the prototypes. We created three prototypes based on the interviews and designs from last class.

1. A generic bifold style wallet with compartments for more storage. The “Tile” compartment was added to accommodate space for smaller items, including the Tile tracking technology.

2. A two-sided symmetric wallet which includes a transparent material for any id cards and different ways to prevent loss/theft (retractable clip, built in GPS tracker).

3. A minimalist wallet with more secure storage for cards and cash. Also two-sided with indents to easily slide cards and cash out of the wallet.

We wanted to make sure the client had a spacious design with loss/theft prevention features, a thinner design with loss/left prevention features and a thin design for those who prefer using Apple pay or other electronic forms of payment rather than cash or plastic.

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