Week 1 Reading Reflections

The Engineering of Experience

The concept of “Taylorism” is still very much, if not more, relevant in our society today. As the world’s pace is continuing to grow faster, humans are perpetually trying to find a balance between pleasure and efficiency. We are always looking for the “best way” to complete a task, minimize errors, and save time.

I found Winograd and Flores’s rejection of Artificial Intelligence to be interesting. In the article, Sengers mentions how his “clean, beautiful models of behavior always seem to miss the point”. They seem to never generate the complexity and richness of natural behavior of humans/animals. I believe the complexity, messiness and enigmatic nature of human behavior is what makes us beautiful. In the midst of creating technology to help us be more efficient, we shouldn’t forget the human aspect of it all.

Making Sense of Experience

I found this article to be very enlightening in that it really broke down the different aspects that designers should keep in mind. I loved that they pointed out that “we can design for experience”. Often times when we are creating something, we get caught up on what we could bring to the users, but it was interesting to think about experience being something that users bring to the situation as well. Overall, this gave me a great in-depth breakdown various factors that contribute to one’s experience.


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