Week 1 Readings

The Engineering of Experience

I think Pheobe Sengers has an interesting take on fun and procedures in the work place and at home.  I can agree with the point that she made regarding work place stress injuries and Taylorism’s affect on the assembly line.  That being said, I believe there are certain areas in which strict procedures are beneficial and should be followed.  When a programmer writes code, they make it a point to keep in mine optimization because that can have a big effect on the end product﹣whether that be from having inefficient runtime or from having to rewrite code.  This is important because at the end of the day, there’s a job that needs to be done and a “client” whose needs need to be met.  Taking time to add “fun” to the process disregards that fact and ignores that some programmers actually enjoy the challenge that comes with creating and pushing optimized code.

Making Sense of Experience 

I agree with Bakhtin that if something doesn’t fit in with us or our lives then we are more likely to loose interest.  I think that does a very good job explaining why someone might have a given experience with something.  I also think this notion can be helpful when shaping or creating a product. If a product is for a given customer then using aspects of such a customer’s life when designing the product may in turn make a positive experience more likely.  I also found the breakdown of experience into threads to be very interesting.  While this could make it easier to understand how an experience could come about, I would worry that it could leave out aspects of how or why one might experiences something.

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