Week #1 Readings

The Engineering Experience

In Phobe Sengers’ “The Engineering Experience,” she made the argument that designing a system extended further than the typical “engineering model” but combines an interdisciplinary approach to technology with design, philosophy, and culture. She spoke a lot about how “fun” and “work” are such separate things that work. That we, as humans, have done so well at maximizing our actions that we come “mindless” while working, branding it as “taylorism”. I do agree that sometimes work can become mindless that you could do it in your sleep. I feel it is our responsibility as creators to consider the human aspect/touch to the systems, experience, and physical items we create. I agree with Sengers’ final thought about how systems should focus on the users’ ability to “engage in complex interpretation using a vast amount of cultural background knowledge” and their reactions, as it would create a more cohesive experience for the product created and more successful system overall.

Making Sense of Experience

The 2nd article went about trying to break down what creates an experience and what an experience is. However, the framework and threads of experience makes the topic quite confusing overall to read and try and understand. The method of dissecting what creates an experience leads to the conclusion that designers are unable to create an experience but we are able to design for an experience. I definitely do agree that we could never create an experience for our users, as users are the missing piece to every experience we design, and there the users are able to interact and explore the potential the in the scenario. It is important to understand some of the framework presented by the authors, however it is always a more free flowing and fluctuating variables.



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