Ideas for Term Project

1. Sensing Infrastructure

  • A way to connect people about projects in the community
  • Communication between professors and students
  • Interviewing process for students looking for jobs in different states
  • Place Identifier (Shazam for places)
  • Maybe a way to make museums and national parks more engaging with children
    • An AR game app where kids have a scavenger hunt throughout the museum

2. Retail 2.0

  • Apps to help shoppers find what they are looking for
  • Scanner to scan internet for deals when you are shopping in store or online
  • Cosmetic app that tells you how to use products and what products are good for you
  • Finding your size on online shopping
  • Something to make shopping more fun or engaging?

3. Design for Disability

  • Calming mechanism for panic/anxiety attacks
  • Sleep aids for insomnia
  • Glasses for color blindness
  • Home system for people with dementia to help them go through their day.

4. Sharing Transactions

  • Wireless card readers (like the pins for dorms)
  • Classroom online platforms that actually work and keep people organized


This list was devised by Lily Bloomberg, Sarah Lee, Jordyn Anderson, and Andrew Gibson.

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