Wallet Presentation & Critique (Zach and Xavier)


Instead of addressing one of our feedback notes, I wanted to use two that contained opposite opinions. One note we got said that they loved the idea of combining their wallet with their phone case. Judging by the number of projects we saw that used this same base idea, I think it’s safe to say that there are a good amount of people that agree. On the other hand, one of our critiques stated that the combination of the two might not be as useful as it seems in theory. While seeing the positives of the combination idea, I actually tend to agree with this opinion. In a world of compact technology and all-in-one solutions, it seems like a logical next step to combine daily essentials like cell phones and wallets. Seeing the division between those for and against moving in this direction makes me interested to hear reasoning from both sides.

2 thoughts on “Wallet Presentation & Critique (Zach and Xavier)

  1. Your group did well, despite diminishing over time! Your in class presentation was solid and your document takes us through your design process nicely. Your response to the feedback is a little confusing as it seems to oscillate between several competing opinions but doesn’t really explain the rationale behind them – maybe consider editing one more time?


  2. I wanted to reinforce again that your presentation and end deliverable turned out really well and I appreciate the visual quality and readability of the final presentation. I concur with Aisling that it would be nice to present a bit better how you landed on the final solution. Nevertheless good job.


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