LeighAnna Foley and Joe Cho- Wallet Presentation


Our interview group was looking for a wallet that had preventative measures of losing the wallet. It also needed aspects of mobility and security that would keep the wallet easy to carry but had some level of peace in mind. We created a wallet that could easily blend into the everyday life by having it placed on the wrist of each user. This could guarantee that losing the wallet is much more difficult because it is physically part of the user’s outfit.

We decided that our target end-user should be an athlete.  After the presentation, we realized that athletes would get the most use out of our product and that they would benefit the most from it.  It would allow athletes to have their important personal effects on-hand without the annoying weight of a wallet in his/her pocket or the swinging that occurs while running with a wallet in your pocket.

The one comment that we wanted to address about our wallet was the concern about card organization.  We completely agree that our design lacks a way to organize cards.  If given the opportunity to continue with this project, we would add a feature so that cards would be organized because we all know how frustrating it can be to find a specific card.

1 thought on “LeighAnna Foley and Joe Cho- Wallet Presentation

  1. Your approach to the assignment was very creative and your in-class presentation had good energy and generated productive and constructive conversation. I think the discussion helped you hone in on the target end-use for your product, which strengthens the plausibility of your approach. Well done.


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