Long Term Project

Our group is interested in:

  • Interaction design with different safety departments to improve response to dangerous situations and improve communication
  • Communication design between parents and their teachers in schools in order to keep track of attendance
  • Interactive learning game for children
  • Activity product and app that those with paralysis can interact with
  • Scavenger hunt that cities can introduce to increase tourism
  • App and device for teachers to keep track of their classes on field trips
  • Device that turns off ability to text and blocks social media in classrooms, can be edited by the app for what the class is allowed to have access to
  • Product that connects to car and registers miles and map to help those that commute for work be reimbursed
  • Mouth piece that communicates conversation to a deaf person and a camera that registers sign language to communicate for a mute
  • Speaker vibrations set that can communicate certain music to a deaf person through the floor and touch
  • Product that improves sleep and keeps track of improvements and set-backs depending on the method
  • Product to calm people with anxiety attacks and notifies a caretaker or friend
  • Product that monitors a person and if they have a seizure it notifies a caretaker or medical help

Rachel Colon, Sarah Tram, Zach Green, Xavier Brizuela

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