“Together in a Snap” by Matt Corbin + Kirk Chenault

1) Final presentation (as pdf, found on the UX drive):



2) Tagline:

“Together in a Snap”


3) Persona of target end-user (found in the pdf, page 2)


● Keeps cards and ID organized
● Keeps phone and wallet in
separate places at home
● Wants convenience of carrying
a single object when traveling
● Doesn’t carry cash


4) Post-it feedback response (found in pdf, page 6)

A large concern for this product was magnets. After research, we discovered that the magnets could affect the compass and orientation. Thus, we decided to use snap buttons instead.


1 thought on ““Together in a Snap” by Matt Corbin + Kirk Chenault

  1. I appreciate that your updated presentation document contains additional information and feedback interpretation from the class discussion. You thoughtfully presented your design process and the evolution of your idea was clearly presented. The overall design was relatively conventional but beautifully rendered in your document (despite the magnet problem). Good work.


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