Wallet Design By Milan Bhatia & Maya Pines

Feedback from Class: 

  • “Good that it Morphs”
  • “Afraid I would lose one part or the other”
  • “I like the creativity behind the wrist-panel”

The importance of feedback is that it opens a new perspective for the designers. In our case, the concept of detachable wallet components was to support our initial customers’ need for a wallet that can hold many things, but also allow’s the end user to strip the wallet of any unwanted features. Noting this, we, the designers, were so engrossed in the idea of meeting our initial customers’ needs that we didn’t think about other implications of detachable components. 

The feedback from class brings forth a very important perspective: what happens when part of the wallet is lost? This perspective introduces a whole new set of thoughts and ideas. For example, if our product became a reality,  would it be possible for a customer to order only part of the wallet, or would the customer have to replace the entire wallet? How could we modify our design to make the detachable components of the wallet more secure? Are the most important items (credit cards, id, hokie passport) held within the frame of the wallet, or in the detachable components? If the most important items are held in the detachable components, could we modify our design, so that the implications of losing the detachable components are not too severe? 

Overall, the feedback from the entire classroom helped us think about our design in new ways. 

Wallet Project _ Maya + Milan

1 thought on “Wallet Design By Milan Bhatia & Maya Pines

  1. Your document and presentation in class clearly articulated your design process and the evolution of your idea. Your final concept generated good class discussion and I appreciate your thoughtful response to that conversation in your post above. Good work.


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