Wallet Design


Wrist wallet with pockets for organization with a uniquely integrated metal hoop built directly into the wallet to attach a wrist strap, keys, or more.


Jane is a 22 year old college student. She takes the bus to class and needs her ID to be easily available. She doesn’t like bulky wallets or phone case wallets of any kind. Jane only carries a few cards, some cash, and a couple keys to keep the bulk down. She isn’t a fan of key chains and likes to keep keys inside her wallet. Jane likes having her wallet on her but wants to leave her hands open. She worries about losing her belongings so she likes things with zippers.

Feedback & Response:

“My only concern is the security of the key ring.”

The metal hoop (key ring) will be thicker. It will also have a strong clasp to make sure it can securely hold a wrist strap or keys.

Wallet Prototype Presentation


1 thought on “Wallet Design

  1. Your presentation does a nice job in taking us through the stages of your design process and I especially appreciated the “learned” (or leaned as you put it) section in your presentation as it demonstrates thoughtful reflection on the process. Good team work.


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