A Billfold with a Twist – Matthew Wong and Zac Fischel


A Billfold with a Twist


Our target user is college aged man who leads a busy lifestyle. Although he prefers to use cards of all different kinds, he does occasionally carry a small amount of cash. When storing cards, he prefers them to be cleanly organized and easily accessible. Because his ID provides access to the local public transport, it needs to be easy and quick to flip out and show. All of these need to be packed in a slim but capable package that won’t come undone or unorganized during his busy lifestyle.

Let’s call him Dirk.



Really liked subtle details like moving the slide/opening

Fan feature would have to be really durable

I would agree that moving the slide is a good idea.  It was a feature that we realized was needed very late in our design process, but it was very obvious as we tried to use our wallet.   I also think that the slot design lends itself very well to fanning a deck of cards, an experience that many users are already familiar with.

Furthermore, it’s true that the fan would have to be durable.  We would probably use some kind of brass bushing in a final design so that it could slide easily, but still be attached.  Of course, if we actually built this wallet to be sold, we would have to do more research into the design of this feature.  Another idea could be to use metal snap buttons to keep everything together.


1 thought on “A Billfold with a Twist – Matthew Wong and Zac Fischel

  1. Your design process and the evolution of your idea in conjunction with your clients is nicely articulated and presented. Your final solution is a creative approach in integrating two design vectors into a cohesive product. Nicely done.


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