“A Practical Solution”–Andrew Walraven

1) PDF Presentation: Walraven_Wallet

2) Tagline: “A Practical Solution”  –I picked this tagline, because I think it accurately describes the wallet design I developed.  It isn’t too much different from a standard bi-fold wallet, except that it makes it easier to reveal Identification, and it offers a practical solution to the problem of storing change for people who use cash.

3) My persona is a conglomerate person, based on the people I interviewed for feedback: Chad–A junior engineer, studying at Virginia Tech.  He is a busy man and tries to be as efficient as possible.  He likes his basic, bi-fold wallet well enough, but he wishes it had a way of quickly storing the change he collects when making a cash transaction.  Also, when he uses the Blacksburg Transit system, he dislikes having to unfold his wallet and pull out his ID card to show to the bus driver.

4) Post-It Note: “Change slot is mostly a feminine attribute; is this for a certain gender?”  My Response: First, I want to address the question and say that my user group was all male, but I didn’t really have a gender in mind when I was designing mine.  Second, I want to address the initial assertion that a change slot is “mostly a feminine attribute.”  Is this really true?  If so, why would that be the case?  From my perspective, a place to store change hardly seems like a gender-specific element, so I’m really not sure what you [the writer of the note] mean.

I (Andrew Walraven) am the only remaining member of this team, but originially was working with Hithesh Peddamekala.

1 thought on ““A Practical Solution”–Andrew Walraven

  1. I appreciate the simplicity of your project and also the fact that you were essentially the last man standing within your group. You adopted a fairly safe and conventional approach to the assignment, and while it is successful as a standard wallet, I think you could have pushed yourself further in conceptualizing alternative strategies for engaging with how we carry money and personal items.


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