Slide on — Slide off. Your two-in-one phone case wallet.

Kylie, Vince, Defne


Our target user is a College age female, she is a very social person and likes to keep a busy schedule and needs to have both her phone and wallet with her at all times. The user doesn’t normally carry a wallet in her pocket because her clothing doesn’t have pockets most of the time, or if it does they are too small. Usually she holds her phone in her hand, but also needs to have money doesn’t want to keep track of two seperate objects. Other times she has a backpack or purse and would prefer to just store her wallet while still using her phone.


Post-it note:

“Like the modular approach. Sliding wallet could also be a stand or other things to create a brand.”

Since the project had us focus on a small user sample population, we addressed the needs and desires of that population. However, during ideation, we had also played with this concept. A fundamental function we preferred about the sliding mechanism was its extensibility. As long as an attachment has a corresponding slider, it can be attached. As a real product, each attachment could be specific to the personality of the user we are targeting, and the packaging could market that viewpoint. Additionally, the user would be able to easily buy replacements or different attachments if they get bored with one or if it breaks. It would have a personalized option for the user with easy, interchangeable parts.


Common Feedback: “Too bulky”

Due to the wooden representation of the phone and the thicker fabric used on the wallet portion, many audience members felt that the phone-case wallet was too thick to fit into their pockets. While the prototype would be rather large for pockets, the final product would be manufactured; we can thin down the thickness of the fabric for the accordion and sliding mechanism. Additionally, if we take into our consideration our target user, an in-pocket phone case is not necessarily the main use case. Since female pockets are small to nonexistent to begin with, a smartphone alone would usually be unable to fit. Along with a wallet-case, a bag would be the most likely location to store it. It keeps the essentials close.

Final Presentation: Ideal wallet- Kylie, Vince, Defne

1 thought on “Slide on — Slide off. Your two-in-one phone case wallet.

  1. Your in-class presentation was excellent (both in terms of your process documentation and verbal articulation). The evolution of your project in conjunction with your client is thoughtfully done and you came up with a pleasing final solution. As noted above, the final prototype was somewhat clumsy but useful in getting the idea across in a short assignment. Well done.


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