Ideas for Final Project

Group Members: Kylie, Defne, Vince, Ganesh

Sensing Infrastructure:

  • Wake-up sound system
  • Air refreshment / light systems
  • Water waste / general waste diminishing
  • Parking lot availability detection and prediction, with mobile app
  • Wait-time approximation sensor & predictor for dining halls

Retail 2.0:

  • People get paid for delivering groceries
  • Virtual dress rooms for size/ups – trial
    • Mixed Reality app that lets you see shoes for sale with 360 degrees, and next to your foot for size (could apply to other apparel as well)
  • System where you can scan as you shop and check out with a tab
  • Mixed Reality real-time text translations for international travelers or foreigners
  • Mixed Reality grocery store item locator

Sharing Transaction Economies:

  • Restaurant split payment
  • A better coupon app/deals etc.
  • Public Transportation Bitcoin
  • Mobile app instead of Facebook page for rides back home

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