Term Project Idea’s

Sensing Infrastructure

  • A blanket that senses the temperature of your skin while you sleep and then automatically turns off if you get too hot and vice versa.
  • Smart toaster that senses when your bread is starting to burn
  • Microwave that turns off at a certain temperature

Retail 2.0

  • An AmazonGo type of store revolution for all sotres (using Greg and Alan’s future wallet)
  • A way to online shop for clothes/shoes and to ensure that they will fit well without of course having the ability to try on what you’re directly buying
  • Next Generation valet parking
  • waiting time for restaurants in your area based off people eating at restaurants


  • Sensors around the house for elderly who need to get up in the middle of the night
  • Removing social stigmas from what it’s like to be “old” or “disabled” and make it something more fun/cool/enjoyable/etc. (physically disabled)

Sharing Transaction’s

  • Mobile I.D’s. Like apple pay, but for your I.D.
  • dating like cooking app
  • a kayak like AI that sees what u want to buy and compares it for similar products on the stores competition

List curated By Greg Borbon, Jacob Heuman, Alan Liu, Jake Tessier

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