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Artificial Intelligence as a New Design Material

It never really occurred to me to think of AI in a way that reflects the human brain. Connecting “neurons” and allowing machines to react as though they have their own brain is a really interesting concept. It still amazes me that technology like this is among us today and implemented into our every day lives. It is even more astounding that people won’t need to be as educated (for lack of a better term) on how to create this kind of software. While it can’t replace human-to-human contact, there are aspects that can control how we interact with people. As AI grows we see it taking effect on how humans interact, not sure if this is a good or bad thing – it just seems like an interesting point.


UX Design Innovation: Challenges for Working with Machine Learning as a Design Material

Machine learning honestly scares me. This notion of going UX and Machine learning gets me thinking about why? Why do we need to rely on a machine, app, or software, to ease the use of our every day objects? Is it so important that we have apps that can predict what we need next? It might just be me who thinks this way, but from discussions in class and articles such as this one I think it’s definitely something for debate. It seems like we as humans want to be able to have it all done for us – make it easy, make it the least amount of effort possible. Its one thing to have this for certain industries like medicine and such, but do you really need your grub hub app to tell you what to get for dinner? The reliance on technology has gotten out of hand, and while this article makes good points, why is this all so necessary?


Machines Learning Culture

It is an interesting thing to think about machine learning as being integrated with visual arts. It seems more natural to have it associated (with or without bias) in a movie because movies allow for our imaginations to take a hold of us. This is where even if something hasn’t been done yet, we can stretch the truth on what is already out there – this gives the public more of something to grasp onto, something they can see an understand. Where as graphic and contemporary art/installations make it more difficult to process in my opinion. Seeing a hand being augmented real time is definitely memorable, but not so much totally educational – it’s hard to tell why it is happening. Both of these ways of integrating the idea of machine learning present different ways of educating society on the subject – and it’s really interesting to think about what is more successful and why.

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