Artificial Intelligence

Information and data as a product

I don’t only believe we are in an age of technology. I believe that what corporations, designers, and people overall are in an age of information transaction. Consumers are constantly giving away their personal data to these big corporations without even realizing it. This can be very good for companies and designers that use this information to design products and services that can be catered to their exact needs. But, at the moment seems to be non regulated which could have detrimental effects on society. This also opens the gates to a new market which is data. How will that effect other markets?

UX Design Innovation: Challenges for Working with Machine Learning as a Design Material

I believe that humans a computers can work hand in hand in this new age. There are certain things that machines can achieve that humans can not and vice versa. It could be a system where we and the machines compliment each other. I do also believe there is a fine line to where we must question what the limits of that are and the impeding applications. Humans may seem like they want of tasks simply to be completed by a computer but Im not convinced we as a society are ready to give that much power to something we wont fully be able t understand. All living creatures were created to carry out daily tasks and I feel that we will ever be comfortable to be reliant on something other than ourselves.

Machines Learning Culture

Theres something about the arts that allow us to interpret everything with a sense of fantasy. At the end of the day any art we create is an interpretation of a reality. With that in mind the only pressing question that comes into my mind is what is going to be the difference from human interpretation and artificial intelligence. I also believe bringing that technology an integrating it into our perception (augmented reality) might actually take away from the experience. I don’t see augmented reality as training wheels but more as a crutch because i fell we eventually will have a more difficult time to interpret the information we read in the instillations. I would love to see its application in a case by case study.



1 thought on “Artificial Intelligence

  1. I agree that there is a new market when it comes to selling data. The value of data is increasing year by year. Initially data was being sold to advertising companies to target their audience better but companies like Facebook and Google are using this data to turn it into AI services. Some of these services are translation and visual recognition. These new services seem to be creating a new source of revenue for the future.


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