Reading Assignment #2

Artificial Intelligence as a New Design Material

I enjoyed reading this article because we can start to see a big shift between a new kind of material age as we are living through it. In history class we would look at the times of the bronze age, and the silver age and making huge leaps and bounds into the industrial age. I believe with the understanding that AI will be a new design material it could be concluded that we may be going into a new age of AI like we have done with many technological advances. The article goes through some of the challenges that us designers will face trying to design for the future. My favorite one was about how to approach a constantly growing and learning AI and how to design with or around that constraint.


UX Design Innovation: Challenges for Working with Machine Learning as a Design Material

“The challenge of integrating “intelligent” technologies into
people’s lives can be distilled into the automation debate
between ‘do it for me’ and ‘do it myself’”

I thought this was a very interesting point and it seems like there is going to be an integral shift with how we view products that are collaborating with Machine learning. Machine learning will certainly push designers and the user into an new environment of experience because both sides now have to come to the understanding that we may or may not design for the user to have a choice. Will it be considered a luxury to have a machine understand our habits and motivations so that it can save time and attention? Will the user be alright with a new a challenging environment such as that?


Machines Learning Culture

It is surprising to see that machine learning could have such a deep integration with the visual arts. My favorite thing to read about Machine Learning culture was the one exhibit about human normalcy. I found it very strange that a machine could get enough opinions and understandings of normal and start creating this concept of normalcy. It made me think could machine learning be taken all the way to being integrated into a normal conversation. Would that be possible if the AI were to learn enough from conversations could they pull out a certain personality from it?


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