Readings #2

Intelligence on Tap: Artificial Intelligence as a New Design Material

I don’t really believe in using AI as a material we should use to design for humans with. It is not human, and computers do not think altruistically. We as humans design for humans and bringing in an element such as this adds an aspect to design that does not benefit us. I understand how it is mapped like our brains, so-called artificial neural networks and such, but it loses the touch of our emotions and sometimes irrational decisions which can coincidentally benefit us.

UX Design Innovation: Challenges for Working with Machine Learning as a Design Material

I think the more we work towards creating with machine learning, the less we rely on the human aspect to create. Yes these machines themselves are human creations, but when we let an algorithm or computer have a say in what we create as humans for humans, we lose the touch. The fact that music is so beautiful because it is created by something that is inherently imperfect (humans) makes it human itself. I think using machine learning as a tool to develop design further is important, but not something we should come to rely on.

Machines Learning Culture

It’s definitely interesting to see machine learning and how it interacts with visual arts, but I’m curious about the future of it with audio. Could we develop ways for machines to create music perfectly suited to our tastes? I currently use a service called that develops music to suit your brain for creative work or studying. Could a new version of this analyze your tastes and create a perfect song? Could we use it to create ways to battle mental illness?

1 thought on “Readings #2

  1. I agreed with a lot of what Zac said and wanted to share some thoughts.

    1. Intelligence on Tap

    I mostly agree with what Zac said here, but I do think there are some areas where using AI as a material would work well. For example, using AI to have machines produce solutions to simple problems in areas where it’s either difficult or unnecessary for humans to be makes sense to me. I think AI would be particularly valuable in space or exploring harsh environments where we can’t always predict what challenges will face our machinery. In most cases, though, I would definitely agree that humans will always design the better options.

    2. UX Design Innovation

    Again, I tend to agree with Zac’s opinion on this for most situations; machines definitely should not be relied on for innovation. I think machine learning is best suited to be a very useful tool for checking if solutions make sense and I believe that they can inform new designs going forward. If they have a part in the creative process, I think it undermines the role of the designer. I also think it inhibits risk-taking and big picture design.

    3. Machines Learning Culture

    Again, I tend to believe that 99% of the time, AI has no place in the creative process and is better suited to be a tool. The work with visual art was interesting and seems to have some exciting possibilities moving forward, but I maintain that AI should help designers create and not the other way around. I think Zac’s questions about music prove why it can only truly hold the role of assistant, though. Sure, a robot can see every song we play and analyze sounds, structure and more, but it can only ever summarize or exaggerate things we’ve already heard. It takes human experimenting, risk-taking, and disregard of others’ opinions to truly create something new and original. I think that goes for every creative field out there.


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