AI Readings

Intelligence on Tap: Artificial Intelligence as a New Design Material

This article opens the door to recognizing AI as the future of the design. It does a really good job referencing AI as a “design material” not just information for design. This is well said because as it speaks about how designers need to learn about wood, plastic, and metal and how they go together, but soon enough AI will be added to that list and it will be a normal thing to learn about. There are so many possibilities for good when using AI, but there also just as many possibilities for evil. While that last part sounds like a line out of a hero/villain movie, it represents the truth. The challenges already faced when building an AI robot such as malfunctions causing it to harm or kill a human being are awful to think about. But even worse than that are the possibilities of hackers getting into these robots and making them do whatever they want. Everyone is excited about AI and want robots to come real soon but they’re missing the negatives because they’re so clouded by the promotions and positives. Right now AI robots are still seen far in the future but soon enough they will be right here in the present.

UX Design Innovation: Challenges for Working with Machine Learning as a Design Material

This article was much less interesting than the first. It was just a bunch of stats that essentially say Machine Learning (ML) is not yet well understood by UX designers. This allows for the possibility of our group who is going through college now to get a jump on learning about ML. This article stresses the importance of this class and confirms that it was the right decision to choose to enroll. I’m excited to continue learning about UX and ML and be able to get out of college with a knowledge of what the industry is going to expect of me.

Machines Learning Culture

This last article is different from the other two because it is an actual ML art piece vs theoretical talk of future ML and AI. I didn’t really understand most of this article but it seems that they created an art piece that shows your hand and reacts to the posture and emotion behind that of the user, which is a pretty cool concept. What is nice about this AI machine is that it uses learning to create beautiful art which is something that eases and calms people when they see it, rather than something that drives you around or a human-like robot that talks to you. This is a more peaceful transition into ML than the things mentioned prior. It is something fun that kids and adults can appreciate alike.


As you can see, my stance on AI/ML is a hesitant and skeptical one. However by learning about it and potentially creating it, I will gain a better understanding and hopefully a greater acceptance of what AI and ML can do for our society.

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