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Intelligence on Tap: Artificial Intelligence as a New Design Material

It is amazing what people can create and program products to do. The future of AI is very exciting, but concerning. There are many benefits to AI that can improve quality of life and the world however there are many dangers to it if it is abused. Just like the internet it can be a useful and awesome tool but it also has a negative side that many terrible things can be said and exchanged through it. In the article it describes the products being released by Google, Apple, and Amazon as a “Trojan Horse”. Technology can be very deceptive in the way that is looks nice, coveted, and even safe but it really has the ability to be your downfall. It sounds dramatic, but it is somewhat true. Again, in the article, it talks about blackmailing and racism as a result of mishandled information.

UX Design Innovation: Challenges for Working with Machine Learning as a Design Material 

This was an interesting article in realizing how systems and design are linked so well. ML can greatly impact and improve the UX side of design. When incorporated together it has the ability to go farther, faster then if it wasn’t together. However, it does take a lot  of thought and understanding in order to use them together well. Designers talked about its unrealized potential and “black magic” (not understanding the why behind it working). So, I think that as more information comes out about ML, the design world will be able to take a better hold of it.

Machines Learning Culture

Honestly, I don’t know how to feel. Its super cool and interesting how we can program machines to do such emotional things… but it is a bit creepy too. There is so much beauty and emotion and art behind culture and it almost feels wrong to have a machine do it instead of a person. It makes someones hard work become an equation. Its also a point of passion for someone and to make a device have the same knowledge with out the passion behind it is weird.  I don’t like it. Super cool… but I don’t like it. Culture is people… flesh and blood… its not so technical. But, maybe one day it will be this technical and that will be the new culture.

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