Reading #2

Intelligence on Tap:

I really enjoyed this article.  I like reading any article that discusses the evolution of AI and what it could be in the future.   While I do like the concept of AI, the thought of where AI could advance kind of worries me.   I believe that the advancement of AI could bring a lot of ethical conundrums into play because in a sense AI is giving a machine a brain of its own.  But how is that brain any different than that of a human?  I feel with the advances that AI is making that soon humans and AI will soon be indistinguishable, so will we have to make new ethical laws for AI or will they have to abide by human laws?

Machines Learning Culture:

I found this article to be very interesting.  I am actually in the Creative Computing Capstone right now, so I like to see the ways that Machine learning was integrated into the arts.  I never considered Machine learning to play a role in the visual arts, but this article proved me wrong.  Knowing that now that it can play roles like this, I would like to see other ways that Machine learning can be implemented.

UX Design Innovation

Machine learning is a fascinating topic to me.  I’ve seen how it is used and implemented, and I believe that it is a great advancement in technology.  My only concern is that it may be integrated into a part of human society that does not require the technology.  At some point, humans need to realize that all things must be automated.


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