Readings 2

Artificial Intelligence as a New Design Material
The point made in this article regarding the unknown or unpredictability of AI reminds me of Microsoft’s Twitterbot Tay.  In less than a day the tweets or “data” Tay was receiving from other Twitter users left it racist and sexist. It’s amazing how quickly AI can learn to become its own thing so quickly.  I think it would be interesting for designers to have to decide what they would say for different AI when explaining to users the basic capabilities that specific AI product might have. Will they warm against possibilities like what happened with Tay? For which products would that be necessary?

UX Design Innovation: Challenges for Working with Machine Learning as a Design Material
I think the unrealistic expectations people have of products made with intelligent technology is a very serious problem, especially as more and more things are made to be intelligent.  Some things that have increased intelligence, like smart watches for example, are less of an issue but when someone expects their autonomous vehicle to be as alert and capable as a human is where problems arise. Tesla has warnings in place in their vehicles reminding drivers to stay alert but there are still people who nap or watch movies or more while in the car. Technology or machines are not perfect and autonomous vehicles are no different. People who create or design these new features or products take on so much responsibility making sure users are aware of the limitations but users still have unrealistic expectations.

Machines Learning Culture
This article mentioned different ways people are used ML for art like creations. I find this interesting becuase at first thought I never think about how ML or AI could be used for art.  I have heard of the augmented hand before but I never looked at how there’s an art aspect to it. I only thought about how it was an interesting example of augmentation.

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