Readings #2

Intelligence on Tap: Artificial Intelligence as a New Design Material

Artificial Intelligence, AI, is becoming more and more accessible to non-experts which is why it could be the next big utility for designers. I must question the desire for it, do designers want to use AI? Wouldn’t that take away from some of the creativity that designers love to incorporate into their products? Incorporating AI will redefine what constitutes a “unique” design in many ways. I am interested to see the rate at which design practices will shift when AI is widely implemented into new products. The article mentioned there was a big learning curve when designs went from paper to screen and I believe utilizing AI is a much larger jump.

UX Design Innovation: Challenges for Working with Machine Learning as a Design Material

Machines can learn from large datasets through reoccurring trends and explicitly separating what is “correct” for a given situation and what is “incorrect”. Will machine learning be able to take tendencies, likes, dislikes, and other characteristics of a person and cater to a specific person’s needs? I feel some people are afraid of machine learning because it doesn’t feel personal, in other words, they just like another line in a huge dataset. Every UX design has a certain demographic related to a persona created by the designer. Machine learning will be more welcoming to less technologically savvy users when it can take datasets from individuals and quickly create a comfortable environment for them. Sort of like an episode of Black Mirror where a company cloned the customer’s consciousness to provide the perfect home assistant. The assistant knew all the customer’s preferences because the assistant was an exact copy of the customer’s current state.

Machines Learning Culture

Art is a term that does not have a single definition. People who deem themselves as artists all specialize in a certain form of art and relay it to the world to express themselves. So why is the integration of technology and machine learning all of the sudden excluded from the idea of art? As a computer science (CS) student, I have realized that CS is an ambiguous topic to people who study it and those who do not. Someone could describe it as a science meanwhile someone else could describe it as an engineering practice. The interpretations are endless and now I can see why someone would deem CS as a form of art. I have seen beautiful code before and although I wouldn’t know what that looked like five years ago, it doesn’t make that code any less beautiful. Therefore, I think that machines built with beautiful code can and will create beautiful art. The art created by machines won’t be any less or any more artistic than an art piece created by a human.

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