Intelligence on Tap: Artificial Intelligence as a New Design Material

This article brought up some good points about AI’s uses and limitations.  It discussed how it is important for a designer to understand what AI is good and not good at, similar to use of materials.  I think understanding when not to use or limit AI is just as important as its use.  Every product does not need to predict what the user wants, and if it has that functionality, it becomes important for the user to understand why the machine made the decision that it did.


UX Design Innovation: Challenges for Working with Machine Learning as a Design Material

I think it was interesting how this article said how designers often see AI and ML as “black magic.”  As a designer this “black magic” often is in other complex systems as well (electronics, production techniques)  when a designer does not have a thorough knowledge of specifics of a process.  I know I definitely have made some projects where I was like “the circuit board will go in there” without actually knowing what exactly that entails.  AI and ML are very similar, in that designers need to gain an adequate understanding of their strengths, uses, and limitations in order to use them in their designs.  It is important that designers gain this understanding of AI as its uses broaden in the future.


Machines Learning Culture

I thought this was interesting how AI can evaluate art and culture, but does it in a very different way than humans.  As humans we usually look at art and culture with a context of emotion, connecting things with that human perspective. AI does not do this and evaluates things much more mathematically.  This could have interesting applications as a tool for artists to make possible decisions that they would not initially think about.

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