Reflections on Machine Learning Readings

Machine Learning is something that scientists have been working with for years. Minimized concepts are already widely existent today and are used very frequently. Think of “recommended” features on YouTube, online stores, google searches, etc. I believe that much like any other materials we use to improve our standards of living, individuals need to get a better understanding of machine learning in order for it to be used for good.

Many people fear machine learning because they believe it to be a foreign concept. When cars first came out, I’m sure there was a lot of uproar on safety aspects of this new idea. Without any regulations, cars can be very dangerous. However, society slowly discovered the risks that come with driving a tin can at fast speeds. Seat belts, road signs, various laws, and constant regulation have been set in stone in order for cars to be used for good. In the same way,  for us to be able to regulate machine learning and for regular consumers to appreciate and respect such regulations, we as a whole need to be more familiar with the concept of machine learning, understand how it works and the risks that come with it if improperly utilized.

Personally, machine learning scares me a little, because of the lack of regulation out there and the lack of knowledge individuals have of this idea – think autonomous cars. Although it could be very useful in certain situations, it should not be a backbone for drivers to depend on 100% of the time. Essentially, all of the code and technology has been designed and created by us, imperfect humans. There is no way we could create a completely foolproof technology. Consumers need to understand the risks that come with this technology for them to avoid crashes and be able to utilize this feature to its best ability. Our best creations could also be our worst enemy. However, with proper monitoring, education, and use, I believe that machine learning could truly benefit our society as a whole.


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