Second Readings

In response to these articles on Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning I will start by delving into this on a personal note. I play way too much of the video game Fifa 18, which is created by EA sports. There is a huge community around this game, and recently there has been mention and an uproar about how EA might be editing you gaming experience based off of data they collect from you. You can find the post here. Now there is a lot of skepticism on whether this is actually a well informed former employee of EA, or just a frustrated keyboard warrior.

The article basically states that EA collects data on how you game, when you game, how often you game, the last time you played the game and if you are on a winning streak or not. Recently there was an opportunity for players to connect their twitch (live streaming app/website) accounts to their EA accounts. And the article goes into a more tinfoil hat type argument that EA could be gaining information on you from Amazon. Amazon owns twitch so theoretically they could be selling your shopping habits and other bits of data to EA through twitch. What the post concludes is that based off of all the data that EA collects on you they can alter your drop rates in the packs (lootboxes) that you open.  This is one of those cautionary tales of how machine learning using big data can be dangerous and unethical.

The European Union passed a law called General Data Protection Regulation in 2016, which will go into effect on the 25th of May. Companies will be forced to disclose what information they have on you when you request it and you can also request that it be deleted. This will be a very interesting day for machine learning since it learns from big data.

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