Group Project Idea – Cosmetic Scanner

Retail 2.0

“The consumer has demonstrated a very high capacity to try and use multiple brands and that tendency seems to be growing over time.”

A recent poll found that the number of people who would rather reach for their smart phones for a quick check on a product’s reputation or price comparison rather than ask the salesperson has reached 58 percent.”

“Most purchases are planned — the buyer now goes in knowing what she wants at least 70 percent of the time.”

This DIY research boosts buying confidence and helps match product expectations with reality.

The Way We Buy Beauty Now

Problem Statement:

How do we improve a cosmetic retail experience while educating the user on their needs and the products available?

Design Prompts:

  • How can we personalize the process of buying cosmetic products?
  • How can we open consumers up to all of the products out there?
  • How can we bring product recommendations into the home?
  • How can we design a process that takes intimidation out of the cosmetic shopping experience?

2 thoughts on “Group Project Idea – Cosmetic Scanner

  1. I love this idea! Cosmetics are the thing I have the most trouble shopping for because there is such a variety of price points for the same item and I never know how to tell if something is actually good or if its just expensive (some of my favorite products are pretty cheap). I always feel like makeup stores should be organized differently or something because I walk in thinking “I need mascara” and then get overwhelmed by all the different brands and end up walking out empty handed telling myself I need to do more research so next time I know exactly what to grab. I also never talk to the sales people because A. I don’t want to look dumb. B. I don’t trust them to understand what I want since makeup is a very personal preference. C. I honestly feel like they are just trying to scam me.

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    • Thanks Kylie! All of what deters you from shopping in stores is exactly what we wanted to focus on. Were hoping with a device like this it’ll give the consumer more confidence in what they buy and take away the discomfort of asking a pushy store clerk.


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