The Issue


“Maintenance has a larger role in communication with the
resident than many realize. It’s important for technicians to
communicate in a way with residents so that nobody gets
offended, especially when it’s an issue created by resident error.”

-National Apartment Association

Problem Statement:

How might we improve communication between the landlord, maintenance, and apartment residents in order to ensure mutual responsibility and efficiency between them?

User Journey:

Resident’s Journey:

Search for house/apt
• Submit application/pay fees/deposit
• Meet and go over responsibilities with landlord
• Move in – fill out move-in inspection checklist
• Read over documents to list responsibilities
• Will any maintenance repairs cost money?
• Contemplate whether repair is a responsibility of the landlord
• Call/visit clubhouse, fill out online maintenance request
• Request allows maintenance workers access to residence
• Doesn’t have to be home
• Create a clean work space for maintenance workers
• Analyze repairment
• Leave a written review (doesn’t have to be a 1:1 relationship, review can
embody entire experience)
• Make payment if necessary

Landlord’s Journey:

Search for house/apt
• Search for tenant
• Post opening of house/apt
• Show house/apt
• Background check
• Application /fee
• Get signed lease + make responsibilities clear, receive deposit
• Move-in
• Landlord contacted
• Phone evaluation / troubleshooting (can the solution to the problem be
handled by landlord over the phone?)
• Call help/maintenance
• Typically not handled by landlord unless they are the ones fixing it
• Confirmation of repair
• Pay bill for maintenance
• Check-up on tenant


Search for house/apt
• Inspect apartments
• File records of move-in checklist
• Reads maintenance request
• Prepares for repair with appropriate tools
• At the correct apartment
• Compares request description to the actual situation (entity?)
• Does repair in a timely manner without damaging anything else
• Report back to office of completion

Presentation: Problem-Statement_Colon-Tram-Green-Brizuela

Rachel Colon, Zach Green, Sarah Tram, Xavier Brizuela

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