Gen 2 Commerce




Shopping and purchasing items, whether it be online or in person, can be considered as a slow and tedious process at its current state (CNN). This can be seen through innovations such as the Amazon Go in person store that cut out the checkout process altogether in order to allow for a seamless shopping experience (Amazon) We wanted to create a system that would increase the speed of the checkout process, and even possibly bypassing the checkout process altogether. While following these guidelines, we also wanted to increase the security of these payments.



How can we promote efficiency and security through a new form of commerce?


Questions to consider:
How will we increase the security of the current purchasing methods?


How can we combat identity theft and fraud?


How can we improve efficiency of the current standard of shopping.


“An estimated 17.6 million persons, or about 7 percent of U.S. residents age 16 or older, were victims of at least one incident of identity theft in 2014” – the Bureau of Justice Statistics

“In the past six years identity thieves have stolen over $107 billion.”

-2017 Identity Fraud Study


User Journey:


Consumer Journey:



  • Go shopping
  • Go to a vendor and pick out all the items you want
  • Walk out of store (no lines)
  • The systems lets you know your amount before you leave so you can cancel or return items if you feel you are spending to much
  • If you feel the amount is within budget, proceed to leave
  • If desired set daily caps so you know exactly what your allocated for the day
  • Feedback from the system provides relevant information



  • If job is on an hourly base you can use system as a form of identification
  • Tracks the exact amount of time a worker is working, (must be placed on the host for it to work)
  • If salaried, Tracks if employees are coming in on time



Amazon Go:

Security Flaws:


Identity theft stats:


-Jake Tessier, Jacob Heuman, Alan Liu, Greg Borbon

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