Makeup Retail Progress

Target Stakeholder:

Female User Persona:

  • Knows how to use products
  • Sticks to what she knows and rebuys
  • Is curious about what others products might be out there but doesn’t feel confident buying them
  • Asking store clerks is intimidating because she feels pressured to buy something – doesn’t want to buy something that looks good in the bottle and wrong on her skin

Male User Persona:

  • Needs a skin regimen but has no idea where to begin
  • Is overwhelmed by the amount of products on the market – are they all worth it or is the price just jacked up because companies can
  • Feels uncomfortable walking up to a clerk in a makeup store to ask about products,
  • feels as though the stores are geared for women, wants confidence in showing he belongs in the store


Concept Sketches:




Potential Items:

  • Mini Arduino Mini ($10) / Uno ($25)
    • Bluetooth chip ($20)
    • Camera ($25)
    • Battery ($10)
  • PLA Filament ($12) /PETG Filament ($25)

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